Showcasing at the Senned

In this day and age any conversation or event that is politics-related always seems to circle back to… yes, you guessed it; B***** (just to be clear it rhymes with ‘exit’). With that follows a seemingly never-ending conversation, “No deal, deadline extension or no Brexit at all’…oops I said it. Alas, you’ve probably heard it all already and if you haven’t, you definitely won’t want to hear me ramble on about it. So moving on…

We recently had the chance to visit the Senned situated in Cardiff Bay to talk about a more positive political event. The event was a showcase of the Welsh Food Industry to politicians and business leaders in, what looks to be a very promising industry, with some incredible products and natural produce that we absolutely should be celebrating!

Having lived in Wales for more than 25 years, I rarely knew or saw much of Welsh produce in supermarkets and shops…even in Wales! In contrast to countries such as Scotland and regions such as Yorkshire who really champion there own produce and where possible will always ‘support local’. Sadly for many years in Wales I have not seen the same commitment to Welsh produce and even recently I went to my local supermarket and there only lamb for New Zealand.

However, we are definitely seeing a shift and that is testament to the funding and guidance of the Welsh government from the Project HELIX initiative which aims to help innovation and efficiency in the food industry and were pleased to hear that funding and development of the project will continue.

We are steadily seeing a rise in Welsh brands in supermarkets and experience success in the restaurant industry. Brands such as Hiltop Honey, Halen Mon, Penderyn, Rhug Estate and many many more. Hopefully we can be next!

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