What is Tapenade?

This is a question I get all the time at food festivals, to which my answer is normally “an olive pate”. Which I guess is the short answer, but to truly answer that question we have to delve a bit deeper into food history, more specifically; Mediterranean cuisine.


Olives are probably the most significant ingredient in Mediterranean cooking, from olive oil to olive wood to the fruit itself; it’s an absolute staple! So with such a rich history it was only a matter of time till some genius blended them to make a rich, moorish paste. Now, this recipe could well have been around during Roman times given there vast range of ingredients. Although it is widely considered to be from the French provencal cuisine, hence the name Tapenade, which comes from the word for capers in Provencal which is Tapenos…I know confusing, it’s actually a caper dish…kind of…well not really. Okay moving on this isn’t getting any clearer.

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Tapenade has roots from all around Europe from Greece and Italy to France and Spain, and if there's one thing they all share is the love for it. You will often find it as a common appetizer in Southern France and Catalonia where it is known as Olivada. In truth, there are many variations of this simple recipe and not just the ingredients but the type of olive. I always get asked how does our Tapenade have such depth without having any anchovies or loads of herbs and the truth is it comes down to the blend of olives we use…SECRETS OUT.

Apart from being delicious, you’ll be sure to get plenty of goodness from the densely nutritious Tapenade.

  • Plenty of Vitamin E from the Olives

  • Rich in antioxidants from the olives, capers and garlic

  • Contain healthy fats

  • Low in calories just 63kcal per 100g!

A healthy, meat-free alternative to traditional pate without giving up on any of the taste!

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