Roasted Aubergine, Feta and Tapenade Tart

Tapenade is so rich and moorish that truthfully speaking, you can have it as is with some nice crackers or bread. But after a while having tapenade with just some crackers can be ,granted, a bit boring. So here’s a recipe that tastes and looks really elaborate but is really quick and easy to do with a bit of preparation.

I normally buy pre-made Tart Shells from my supermarket but if you make your own then even better. You can also roast your own aubergines in the oven at 160 for approx. an hour however if you want something quick you can also buy already roasted aubergines. I get mine from Sainbury’s which taste great and are only £1.60!


10 Mini Tart Shells

200g roasted Aubergine

2 tbsp chopped Chives

140g Feta Cheese




2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tapenade Tart Aubergine.jpg
  1. In a blender, place the roasted aubergine, 40g of feta cheese, chives, salt, pepper and olive oil and blend till you have a cream like texture.

  2. Using a piping bag (or spoon) fill the Tart cases with the mixture.

  3. Cut the rest of the feta cheese into 1/2cm slices and place on top of the mixture

  4. Then simply get a delicate spoonful of tapenade and place on top of each tart.

    (Optional) I also put some semidried tomatoes on each tart to give it an extra bit of richness and decorated with some basil for freshness.

  5. Serve and enjoy!

Next time you’re having a dinner party your guests will definitely be impressed by this recipe! Not only does it look elegant but it also tastes delicious. If only your guests knew how easy it is to make...

Or, if like me, you just fancy treating yourself then these are an easy yet delicious recipe. Give it a try!