Sabor de Paella


Sabor de Paella

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We are always in the mood for Paella, Vino y Ole!! This is the
perfect present to give to those that share this feeling, or for
those that may enjoy a new taste experience!
The Paella pan is coated with a black and white speckled
enamel, giving an attractive, hard waring surface that should
stand up to years of paella making... These versatile pans can
be used on any hob (including induction) and are suitable for
use in the oven.
You can make a delicious paella with our easy Sabor de Amor
Paella in a Bottle, Bomba Rice and the finest Extra Virgin
Olive Oil!

*Only 1 paella kit for 4 portions supplied with each set. Contains may differ from the original photo.
We supply our Paella Hampers in a range of sizes:

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