Sabor de Cerveza


Sabor de Cerveza


Choose from two distinctive beers:

The cerveza Inedit was created in 2008 by Ferran Adrià, and his
team of sommeliers from elBulli who believed in the need for a
beer to accompany and compliment the varied flavours found in
modern gastronomy.

The cerveza Er Boqueron is rapidly gaining an international reputation
for its full bodied flavour.

These beers are perfect to drink with our famous Alioli and Tapenade.
Fantastic flavours to enjoy on fresh crusty bread or crackers
or use them as a dip with your favourite crudités. Our cocktail
mix of fried and salted nuts including almonds, pistachio, fried
chickpeas & fried maiz and Manzanilla olives bursting with flavour
completes this gourmet food hamper.

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