Black Olive Paste

Our black olive Tapenade is made with our family blend of Spanish olives that have been carefully picked and mixed with capers, garlic and thyme to give you a true experience of Mediterranean cuisine.

Tapenade is really versatile and pairs fantastically with lamb and chicken, as well as, meaty fish like cod and monkfish. It also adds a rich touch to summery pasta dishes, salad dressings and canapes. Sometimes simplicity is best and served with a crusty baguette makes for an easy yet delicious snack.

Tapenade is commonly associated with Provencal cuisine which is from the southeast of France along the riviera. However, tapenade though rich itself, has an even richer history in Mediterranean cooking. Olives pastes can be dated back to the Romans and Greeks who are responsible for passing down this rich taste of history throughout Southern Europe.

See our ‘Recipes’ page for some great tasting ways to use Tapeande

Ingredients: black olives (85%), extra virgin olive oil, capers, garlic and thyme.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-Free

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